Tuesday, July 29, 2008

craft swap

Laura hosted a craft swap over at her blog, and I made a puppy. It's going in the mail tonight and in a few days I should get a mystery animal from my swapmate. (Yay for mail!) We made animals out of socks and/or gloves.

Mine came from socks. I thought about inventing a pattern using toe socks, and I almost made a walrus, but in the end...a puppy was faster because there was a pattern for it already. Besides, puppies are cute.

So I was thinking that it would be too much work to upcycle all of our old socks like this, but if I ever make a fancy hand-knitted pair that gets holes in it, wouldn't that make a pretty little animal? I kind of want to start knitting socks now so that one day we can have a blue cabled merino puppy.

It's crafty time at our house. Daniel's at a convenient age where he can entertain himself if you put him down, but he can't really go anywhere yet, so I'm about to get cracking on several projects that have been on the back burner for weeks/months/years. (The years ones can wait a little longer...they're boring. Who needs pants anyway?)