Thursday, January 31, 2008

things that grow at my house


Highly edible fungus...

and Daniel. =)

Tomorrow starts the last full month before he's born. Since he's due smack in the middle of March (more or less), I consider the whole month to be his due date. It is possible he could come as late as April 1st, but ...we'll just say March for now.

Monday, January 21, 2008

David and me

David with his tea and oatmeal. He said he looked English.

Me with Daniel's lovely new crib. =D We're still arguing about bedding colors, so it's not put together all cute yet, but it's put together enough that the cat slept in it the other night. That habit's gonna have to stop.

Oh, and please ignore the poofy 80s hair. It looked good in the back, I promise.

Friday, January 18, 2008

daniel yawning

Ok, this one takes a bit of explaining. I've included a labeled version, and you can click on either one for a larger image.

At our last ultrasound (Jan 9th, he was 30 weeks old) Daniel yawned for the camera. It was super cute and prompted the doctor to take a still shot. It made more sense in context, because you could see his little mouth opening and his tongue moving in the yawn just like a born baby. Anyway, this is the photo.

procrastination photos

The best for first--we went to see ICE 2007 just before Christmas with Mary Beth, and I finally put them up on Flickr. (There were too many to put in one entry.) Check them out here.

More recently: we're still working on the bathroom, and fixing to work on the nursery. These are the "before" shots. Here's hoping there will, one day, be a nice "after" to post. =P Both of these are getting full paint jobs, but we haven't picked colors yet. I promise the nursery doesn't have pink carpet.

Monday, January 7, 2008

sooooooo nice to be sleeping again

That's my thought for the morning. I had a cold, it's over, I can sleep past 4:30 now and it's fabulous. David still thinks I snore though. What does he know?

We've got about 10 weeks until Daniel's due date (as of today!) and I'm trying to prioritize what needs to get done before he comes. David destroyed the tile in our bathroom over the weekend (he took a hammer to the walls and had a GREAT time); we'll be replacing the backerboard next weekend, then re-tiling the one after that. Then, our master shower will finally be functional and the peasants shall rejoice.

The Burpee seed catalogue came in the mail while we were in Georgia, and ohhhh boy it's exciting. I would love to dig up the entire backyard and turn it into a farm that grows lots of everything...but instead, we're just going to have a medium-sized vegetable garden. Maybe we should buy a goat and tether it to the clothesline so it at least feels like a farm.

Thursday, January 3, 2008


and writing thousands of thank you notes. I'll post something interesting just as soon as my hand uncramps. =)

In the meantime, here's a funny random video David sent. Human tetris!