Monday, February 25, 2008

new photos

Baby shower (taken yesterday)


Retiling our bathroom shower (it's done! mostly)

We're at 37 weeks today, so 3 weeks til he's due. I'm doing (more) laundry and trying to find the list of things to pack for the hospital. It's been gorgeous weather, so I did a bit of gardening over the weekend; maybe you'll get to see pictures sometime. =) We have a new rosebush and a bunch of herbs and strawberry plants. I'm not going to let the strawberries bloom this year--that way they'll have better roots, which is essential in Texas summers, especially when you're a plant being grown by oops-forgot-to-water-again Whitney.

I like gardening and using a clothesline for a dryer. It's an excuse to be outside while still feeling productive.

Monday, February 18, 2008


such a good kitty

Linus likes to sit in boxes. He also likes to look out the window.
He kept sitting on the tomato sprouts, so we got him his own box for window watching.

...and, me yesterday. 4 weeks to go. =)

Friday, February 15, 2008

toy website

This place is great! Check it: Oompa Toys. I like all the colorful, clever toys that encourage imaginative play (instead of just entertaining the kid...and annoying the parents, lol). I also like that there's not Elmo all over everything. They've got some great cloth toys that I may try to this:

Making things for Daniel is fun. There are so many new products that are both great and makeable. For example: a diaper wallet. Super clever, and easy to keep in the car or grab for a trip that doesn't require the entire diaper bag.

It got cold today. I bought 21 strawberry plants and am debating whether to put them in my already-tilled ground (easiest) or dig up a different spot (so they don't get shaded by future okra and asparagus plants). Also, the tomato seedlings are doing really well. I don't know why. It probably has something to do with all the water and sun they're getting...

Monday, February 4, 2008

Thus begins the longest six weeks EVER.

No, my bag isn't packed, Daniel's dresser isn't done, we haven't picked a pediatrician, and he's not fat enough to be born yet anyway...but WOW I'm getting antsy. Ever since hitting week 30 (four weeks ago, by the way), I've been feeling an undercurrent of "soon...soon" that makes it hard to wait. Not that there's a choice!

I'm trying to stay distracted with projects. David's pants are FINALLY done and he's wearing them today; he'll probably get a couple more pairs this week because I'm in pants-making mode. This happens about once every three years. I got pattern paper in the mail on Saturday and plan on making some cute after-baby clothes for me...and maybe a coming home outfit for Daniel.

Our tomato sprouts are still growing...and we plant asparagus soon. I'm excited about that one. We eat lots of asparagus at our house, always stir-fried or roasted and left a little crunchy; I still think mushy asparagus is disgusting.