Monday, February 25, 2008

new photos

Baby shower (taken yesterday)


Retiling our bathroom shower (it's done! mostly)

We're at 37 weeks today, so 3 weeks til he's due. I'm doing (more) laundry and trying to find the list of things to pack for the hospital. It's been gorgeous weather, so I did a bit of gardening over the weekend; maybe you'll get to see pictures sometime. =) We have a new rosebush and a bunch of herbs and strawberry plants. I'm not going to let the strawberries bloom this year--that way they'll have better roots, which is essential in Texas summers, especially when you're a plant being grown by oops-forgot-to-water-again Whitney.

I like gardening and using a clothesline for a dryer. It's an excuse to be outside while still feeling productive.