Monday, December 8, 2008

christmas tree farm

We went to the Christmas tree farm on Saturday with some friends. It was super fun. =) Photos are up on flickr.

It's a busy week; we leave Thursday for a wedding in Tennessee, and in the meantime I've got to finish the suit David will be wearing. He's the best man, so I can't flake out and just put him in a nice shirt and tie. .....and pants. Because life in public is nicer when everybody wears pants.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

video: playing

This starts out with Daniel trying to get the cat's attention, and ends with him making a rush for the video camera. "Rush" being a relative term.

video: more giggles

Sorry about the lighting. Stupid CFLs. =P

Monday, November 24, 2008


Camera cord was on the fireplace! New photos of Daniel on Flickr. =)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

video: in mommy's lap

video: the Daniel song

video: first Christmas present

Ronnie and Heather bought Daniel a doorway jumper, and they gave it to him early since he's already almost too big for it. It goes up to 25 pounds and my little porker is around 20 or 21. I tried to get footage of him playing in it, but he stopped bouncing every time I turned on the camera. =P

Thursday, November 13, 2008

pictures soon

I've got some cute new shots of Daniel waiting to be uploaded...just as soon as I find the camera cord. =P Hopefully it'll be today.

......yep, that's all I've got. Happy Thursday.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

new photos

of Daniel, and also a couple of my new shirt. =) It's made from an old t-shirt of David's that I wore all the time because it was blue, but it was way too big. I lived in it the week before Daniel was born, it was that big. Now it's cute and girly and officially a Mommy shirt; Daniel christened it with urp within the hour after it was done.

It's my favorite time of year: the windows are open, the A/C is off, and all of the best holidays are about to happen. I'm thinking about planting lettuce and spinach and maybe some onions or something this weekend, depending on my mood and what they have at the nursery. Our local nursery is good for stuff like that. Home Depot, being national, doesn't realize that Texans can still be planting in October, so their selection is more limited.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

painting t-shirts

This looks like fun. I wonder how well it holds up in the wash.

I got out fall fabric the other day, and even made a small pile to give to Goodwill. Shocked? Me too. I do clean out all my possessions a few times a year in an attempt to minimalize clutter...but it's very, very rare for me to give up fabric or books. This is one of those rare times.

Daniel just woke up, I'm going to go be Mommy now. Happy times. =)

Saturday, September 13, 2008


That's about all we're getting from Ike so far, a bit of drizzle and some clouds. I know Texas' danger has been all over the news, but that's waaaaaaay down south of us. In terms of distance, we're about as far from the coast as Little Rock or Memphis. So no worries for Dallas.

Daniel's having a good morning. He's helping to write this. Want to say hello, honey?


He pushed a lot more buttons than that, but they were all "enter" and "shift" etc.

David installed our new dishwasher yesterday evening. I'm fixing to run a fourth load from the no-way-to-wash-dishes pile. Almost all of our dishes were dirty, it was a huge mess. I do realize that you can wash dishes in the sink, but I really couldn't the last two days while the old one was unhooked--there was a leak. I did a couple of crucial pots in the bathroom sink and that was quite enough of dorm life for me.

This is all rather stream of consciousness. Anybody want to come over and knit or something?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

video: best for last

or first, I guess, since this will go on top. It's the last upload though. There are new pictures on Flickr too.

video: Daniel making noises

This one's a classic. It was taken in early July, so Daniel would have been just over three months old.

video: Linus drinking water

Nitara used to try to shove his head into the relatively small opening of our water glasses. Linus is much more clever, as you'll see.

By the way, don't leave your water glass unattended at my house.

fixin to update

Well, I guess this would technically be an update, but I'm fixing to do a file dump from the picture and the video cameras, so...consider yourself warned.

Daniel's sleeping, it's overcast outside (read: no laundry today), the hot water in the kitchen is turned off (read: can't wash dishes. Shucks.) and so it's a good moment to clean out the cameras. Also, the new Knitty is STILL not up. Antsy antsy.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Daniel's favorite video

Sometimes when Daniel's bored, we go to YouTube and watch the muppets.

In other baby news, he seems to be teething; we think his bottom middle teeth are fixing to be born.

It's a little distracting trying to write a coherent blog entry while listening to Rubber Duckie. Daniel's fascinated.

Monday, August 4, 2008

buncha new pictures

Some of them are from our trip to GA, some are from the past week, all but one of them are of Daniel in various poses. I'm such a new mom.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

craft swap

Laura hosted a craft swap over at her blog, and I made a puppy. It's going in the mail tonight and in a few days I should get a mystery animal from my swapmate. (Yay for mail!) We made animals out of socks and/or gloves.

Mine came from socks. I thought about inventing a pattern using toe socks, and I almost made a walrus, but in the end...a puppy was faster because there was a pattern for it already. Besides, puppies are cute.

So I was thinking that it would be too much work to upcycle all of our old socks like this, but if I ever make a fancy hand-knitted pair that gets holes in it, wouldn't that make a pretty little animal? I kind of want to start knitting socks now so that one day we can have a blue cabled merino puppy.

It's crafty time at our house. Daniel's at a convenient age where he can entertain himself if you put him down, but he can't really go anywhere yet, so I'm about to get cracking on several projects that have been on the back burner for weeks/months/years. (The years ones can wait a little longer...they're boring. Who needs pants anyway?)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

projects of the moment

There is a series of sleeping-Daniel photos on his flickr album this week.

This is what I've been working on over the last couple of days:

When David's sister Becky was down a couple weeks ago, she let me try her Mei Tai carrier with Daniel. It rocked, so I made one; it's a baby carrier you can wear on your front or back, and the straps just tie around your waist and shoulders. I think it's Japanese. Daniel is okay with it, but he'd like a bit more wiggle room, so I'm going to make a second one that allows the bottom part to scrunch up so his legs can stick out more. The top part (where it curves) supports his head at the moment, and can be folded back later.

Also, I got tired of having to chunk cloth diapers in one pail and disposable wipes in a different one, so I made some cloth wipes out of flannel squares. They're a little more work than disposables; you have to (well, I choose to) dampen them and then stack them in an old Huggies wipes box for convenience later. But, they work well, and they're cute, and they're easier to use with cloth diapers. I think it would work to just put them in the wipes box straight out of the washer, skipping the drying and re-dampening steps. Clever.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

cloth diapering and a video

This was Daniel's last day in his little plaid shirt and corduroy pants. He's too tall for it now...

He weighed in this morning at 15 pounds (our little chunk!), and last Wednesday he both rolled over and slept half the night for the first time. I say half the night; it was six hours, which is almost a full night really.

I just bought the next size of diapers also. We use Fuzzi Bunz and they're brilliant; so much better than traditional cloth, and even (in my opinion) nicer to use than disposables. They're soft and colorful and not at all gross to change (as diapers go) because you don't ever have to touch the contents. I have 12 and do a load of diapers about every day, sometimes every other day; for the next size, I bought 20 to cut back on that.

They're not cheap to buy; new, they run $18.95 apiece, plus a $3.99 insert per diaper. But, if you don't mind buying second-quality (and especially if you sew and can fix any small defects yourself) you can get good deals on those; just google "fuzzi bunz seconds". I caught a sale at and picked up two packages of 10 for $10 each, and then bought the inserts on sale somewhere else for $2 each. Mom, be proud of your bargain-hunting daughter.

Overall, we spend about as much on these as we would on disposables (counting wash water, but not electricity for the dryer because we use a clothesline)--so right now we just break even, but will start saving from the second baby on. Given my experiences with these, though, I'd use them even if they wouldn't save us money later--they're that nice.

Monday, June 9, 2008

new tricks

Daniel's trying hard to figure out this rolling over business. (Photo on his Flickr album.) He's in my lap right now having a very important conversation, punctuated by his other new trick of blowing raspberries. It's very cute. He blew his very first raspberry two days ago in the middle of a wedding.

Also, I made a new shirt.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

just bein a baby

Nothing exciting here, except he's really cute. =)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

daniel talking

He only talks once, at the beginning of the video, but he's cute the whole time. This was a few days ago, age 7 weeks.

(He's NOT about to be 8 weeks! My Daniel will stay small and snuggly forever.)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

coming soon - videos!

as soon as i find the camera cable.

hard to type one handed...

Monday, May 12, 2008

Thursday, April 24, 2008

letting go

Yesterday was Daniel's one month birthday, and I decided he was big enough to go to Bible class for the first time. (He had been staying with me in the adult class up til then.) We dropped him off with his teacher, and oh how I wanted to stay, but that would defeat the purpose of taking him to left. He did great, by the way, crying a little but then falling asleep when one of the helpers rocked him.

It got me thinking about the worst part of parenthood: letting go. I didn't really expect to deal with it so soon, but it has to start sometime, just a little bit at a time until he's all grown up (in his own eyes, at least!) and making all his own decisions. I want to hold on to him forever, but how selfish would that be? He needs a mom who knows when to hug and when to push.

It's...intimidating, to say the least, thinking about how Daniel has his whole life ahead of him, and the person he becomes will largely be due to the way David and I raise him. I've been thinking lately about the people I know (or knew) who were raised in good Christian homes and have since left the church for whatever reason. I have to wonder, did the parents miss something? Was there a time when they should have been paying better attention, explained something more thoroughly, taken more time to teach their child...? Or did the child just grow up and decide to rebel against what he knows is right? How can I keep that from happening with Daniel? I'm terrified of making a mistake so huge.

Taking it one day at a time, though, is something I can handle. Today I can sing Bible songs with him, and hold him and love him and let him know that Mommy's always here for him. Today I can study to become a stronger Christian myself, and pray really really hard that we can be good parents. Tomorrow, when he's 25 and thinking about these same things with his own child, I can worry about whether we did a good job.

In the meantime, before he outgrows this phase, I want to write down a couple of things that I love about Daniel.
-the way he stares at your face, full of questions, trying to figure out how to be like you
-the way he (intentionally, mind you) tilts his head caddywumpus when he's trying to get comfortable
-the way he gets so excited sometimes while eating that he pulls away and wiggles...and then cries because he's stopped eating
-(my favorite) the way he snuggles into your shoulder when he's tired and wants to cuddle.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

3.5 week old photos

5 photos added to the Daniel album...clicky. I really need to put that in the sidebar.

Daniel's taking a nap in his crib, and I don't know what to do with all this time. =P There are about a million things I've been learning about motherhood, the biggest of which is ...throw your assumptions out the window. No, really. Pick them up and throw them. Hard.

I've thought up four or five interesting blog posts over the last three weeks, and can't remember any of them. Hm. Aw, a teeny little bird just landed outside my window. Back to Daniel...

(I never wanted to be one of those moms who only ever talked about her kids, but (a) he's my only hobby at the moment, and (b) he's just super interesting, and (c) it's my blog, you don't have to read it if you feel over-Danieled. Now, back to my amazing child...)

He had his first bath last week and liked it, but hated his second bath a few days later. Note: wait until he's in a good mood to bathe him. This morning he gave me his first real smile; he's been smiling for weeks, but today he smiled back when I said good morning. It thrilled me to my toes.

He's also becoming play-with-able. He notices toys sometimes. Mom got him this crazy rattling cow that never fails to draw his attention when you pull the crazy rattle string. He likes when you sing to him, and Heather claims he was looking at the pictures when she read to him the other day.

We're slowly developing some sort of routineish type thing. I'm learning how daytime sleep/play patterns can affect nighttime, and he usually sleeps for 3 or 4 hour stretches at night now. He'll stay in his crib for two of those, three if we're lucky, but if that doesn't work we let him sleep with us and he zonks out for 5 hours at a time. I sleep pretty lightly when he's with us, which is why we're not just cosleeping all the time.

During the day he likes to snuggle ...ALL THE TIME. This is sweet and I'm enjoying it, and I will also enjoy it when he's ready to explore some more of the world besides Mommy. I had expected to be able to put him down more, or at least wear him in the sling, and be able to do some normal things (laundry, dishes, etc.) pretty soon after he was born., adjusting my expectations, I now have a stack of books and a laptop by the couch, and we have nice relaxing snuggly days.

Wow, super long post. Are you still reading this?? Go look at pictures, they're much more interesting and not so wordy. In fact, each one is worth a thousand words. Haha.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Daniel photos

Click for cuteness

Real post later; it's hard to type while holding a baby. =P I know you only wanted photos anyway...

Monday, March 17, 2008

dates that Daniel could be born, and why they are otherwise special

Today - st. patrick's day
tomorrow - two friends have birthdays
Wednesday - his due date
Thursday - the first day of spring, most years
Friday - the first day of spring this year
Saturday - a full moon
Sunday - Easter
Monday - ....can't think of anything
Tuesday - ....still nope
next Wednesday - Leonard Nimoy's birthday, according to Andrew

Over the past 4 days, he's missed two other friends' birthdays, the Ides of March, and Pi Day. You could have many obscure-holiday parties in March.

playing pretend

Daniel's due this week, and so far he's still super comfy in there. I like to think that he's waiting for me to finish a certain project; he doesn't want to come until I've finished ______. The guessing game begins when I try to figure out which project he wants me to finish. I've got the house clean, everything for him is done, but there are still a few things for David and me I'd like to work on. Also, my car needs to be vacuumed so David can put the carseat in.

It makes me feel like I've got some level of control to think, hey, maybe if I get *this* done, Daniel will be born. If you've ever seen "A Very Long Engagement", it's like what the main character does all the time, making bets with herself to try to predict certain outcomes.

So...right now I'm making pajama pants for David, and I can't remember ever making this many dumb mistakes on one garment. He'd better love these things. =) Next comes either a pretty dress for me...or that rocket for Daniel...or perhaps vacuuming the car. Maybe Andrew will vacuum the car for me when he comes. *hopeful*

Monday, March 10, 2008

no pictures today

I thought about taking a shot of our snowstorm on Thursday, but that would have involved getting cold, and I reeeeeally don't like to be cold. So, you'll just have to imagine it. Wednesday = warm and lovely. Thursday = rain, then sleet, then a whole bunch of snow. Friday = warm and lovely and a whole bunch of melting snow. I love Texas weather. It's like, la la la...WINTER STORM!!!!! la la.

Most of the plants survived. I caved and bought a larger tomato plant, even though my little seedlings (which I am babying) are doing super well, because a larger plant means sooner tomatoes. It died in the snow. So did the basil. I do know not to plant summer things when snow is expected, but it'd been so pretty, I really didn't have a reason to check the forecast. Lesson learned.

In the meantime...Daniel's curtains are halfway done, and cute, and I'm going to make him a playmat out of some space minky Mom bought him over Christmas. On this playmat will be a rocket for playtime. =D Except his will be red. The dustruffle for his crib is cut out, mostly, and if the stars align just right I might put another coat of paint on his dresser.

I also cleaned both bathrooms and the litterbox. Can you say...nesting??

Sunday, March 2, 2008

belly photo Sunday

38 weeks tomorrow. =)

Monday, February 25, 2008

new photos

Baby shower (taken yesterday)


Retiling our bathroom shower (it's done! mostly)

We're at 37 weeks today, so 3 weeks til he's due. I'm doing (more) laundry and trying to find the list of things to pack for the hospital. It's been gorgeous weather, so I did a bit of gardening over the weekend; maybe you'll get to see pictures sometime. =) We have a new rosebush and a bunch of herbs and strawberry plants. I'm not going to let the strawberries bloom this year--that way they'll have better roots, which is essential in Texas summers, especially when you're a plant being grown by oops-forgot-to-water-again Whitney.

I like gardening and using a clothesline for a dryer. It's an excuse to be outside while still feeling productive.

Monday, February 18, 2008


such a good kitty

Linus likes to sit in boxes. He also likes to look out the window.
He kept sitting on the tomato sprouts, so we got him his own box for window watching.

...and, me yesterday. 4 weeks to go. =)

Friday, February 15, 2008

toy website

This place is great! Check it: Oompa Toys. I like all the colorful, clever toys that encourage imaginative play (instead of just entertaining the kid...and annoying the parents, lol). I also like that there's not Elmo all over everything. They've got some great cloth toys that I may try to this:

Making things for Daniel is fun. There are so many new products that are both great and makeable. For example: a diaper wallet. Super clever, and easy to keep in the car or grab for a trip that doesn't require the entire diaper bag.

It got cold today. I bought 21 strawberry plants and am debating whether to put them in my already-tilled ground (easiest) or dig up a different spot (so they don't get shaded by future okra and asparagus plants). Also, the tomato seedlings are doing really well. I don't know why. It probably has something to do with all the water and sun they're getting...

Monday, February 4, 2008

Thus begins the longest six weeks EVER.

No, my bag isn't packed, Daniel's dresser isn't done, we haven't picked a pediatrician, and he's not fat enough to be born yet anyway...but WOW I'm getting antsy. Ever since hitting week 30 (four weeks ago, by the way), I've been feeling an undercurrent of "soon...soon" that makes it hard to wait. Not that there's a choice!

I'm trying to stay distracted with projects. David's pants are FINALLY done and he's wearing them today; he'll probably get a couple more pairs this week because I'm in pants-making mode. This happens about once every three years. I got pattern paper in the mail on Saturday and plan on making some cute after-baby clothes for me...and maybe a coming home outfit for Daniel.

Our tomato sprouts are still growing...and we plant asparagus soon. I'm excited about that one. We eat lots of asparagus at our house, always stir-fried or roasted and left a little crunchy; I still think mushy asparagus is disgusting.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

things that grow at my house


Highly edible fungus...

and Daniel. =)

Tomorrow starts the last full month before he's born. Since he's due smack in the middle of March (more or less), I consider the whole month to be his due date. It is possible he could come as late as April 1st, but ...we'll just say March for now.

Monday, January 21, 2008

David and me

David with his tea and oatmeal. He said he looked English.

Me with Daniel's lovely new crib. =D We're still arguing about bedding colors, so it's not put together all cute yet, but it's put together enough that the cat slept in it the other night. That habit's gonna have to stop.

Oh, and please ignore the poofy 80s hair. It looked good in the back, I promise.

Friday, January 18, 2008

daniel yawning

Ok, this one takes a bit of explaining. I've included a labeled version, and you can click on either one for a larger image.

At our last ultrasound (Jan 9th, he was 30 weeks old) Daniel yawned for the camera. It was super cute and prompted the doctor to take a still shot. It made more sense in context, because you could see his little mouth opening and his tongue moving in the yawn just like a born baby. Anyway, this is the photo.

procrastination photos

The best for first--we went to see ICE 2007 just before Christmas with Mary Beth, and I finally put them up on Flickr. (There were too many to put in one entry.) Check them out here.

More recently: we're still working on the bathroom, and fixing to work on the nursery. These are the "before" shots. Here's hoping there will, one day, be a nice "after" to post. =P Both of these are getting full paint jobs, but we haven't picked colors yet. I promise the nursery doesn't have pink carpet.

Monday, January 7, 2008

sooooooo nice to be sleeping again

That's my thought for the morning. I had a cold, it's over, I can sleep past 4:30 now and it's fabulous. David still thinks I snore though. What does he know?

We've got about 10 weeks until Daniel's due date (as of today!) and I'm trying to prioritize what needs to get done before he comes. David destroyed the tile in our bathroom over the weekend (he took a hammer to the walls and had a GREAT time); we'll be replacing the backerboard next weekend, then re-tiling the one after that. Then, our master shower will finally be functional and the peasants shall rejoice.

The Burpee seed catalogue came in the mail while we were in Georgia, and ohhhh boy it's exciting. I would love to dig up the entire backyard and turn it into a farm that grows lots of everything...but instead, we're just going to have a medium-sized vegetable garden. Maybe we should buy a goat and tether it to the clothesline so it at least feels like a farm.

Thursday, January 3, 2008


and writing thousands of thank you notes. I'll post something interesting just as soon as my hand uncramps. =)

In the meantime, here's a funny random video David sent. Human tetris!