Wednesday, June 18, 2008

projects of the moment

There is a series of sleeping-Daniel photos on his flickr album this week.

This is what I've been working on over the last couple of days:

When David's sister Becky was down a couple weeks ago, she let me try her Mei Tai carrier with Daniel. It rocked, so I made one; it's a baby carrier you can wear on your front or back, and the straps just tie around your waist and shoulders. I think it's Japanese. Daniel is okay with it, but he'd like a bit more wiggle room, so I'm going to make a second one that allows the bottom part to scrunch up so his legs can stick out more. The top part (where it curves) supports his head at the moment, and can be folded back later.

Also, I got tired of having to chunk cloth diapers in one pail and disposable wipes in a different one, so I made some cloth wipes out of flannel squares. They're a little more work than disposables; you have to (well, I choose to) dampen them and then stack them in an old Huggies wipes box for convenience later. But, they work well, and they're cute, and they're easier to use with cloth diapers. I think it would work to just put them in the wipes box straight out of the washer, skipping the drying and re-dampening steps. Clever.