Saturday, June 14, 2008

cloth diapering and a video

This was Daniel's last day in his little plaid shirt and corduroy pants. He's too tall for it now...

He weighed in this morning at 15 pounds (our little chunk!), and last Wednesday he both rolled over and slept half the night for the first time. I say half the night; it was six hours, which is almost a full night really.

I just bought the next size of diapers also. We use Fuzzi Bunz and they're brilliant; so much better than traditional cloth, and even (in my opinion) nicer to use than disposables. They're soft and colorful and not at all gross to change (as diapers go) because you don't ever have to touch the contents. I have 12 and do a load of diapers about every day, sometimes every other day; for the next size, I bought 20 to cut back on that.

They're not cheap to buy; new, they run $18.95 apiece, plus a $3.99 insert per diaper. But, if you don't mind buying second-quality (and especially if you sew and can fix any small defects yourself) you can get good deals on those; just google "fuzzi bunz seconds". I caught a sale at and picked up two packages of 10 for $10 each, and then bought the inserts on sale somewhere else for $2 each. Mom, be proud of your bargain-hunting daughter.

Overall, we spend about as much on these as we would on disposables (counting wash water, but not electricity for the dryer because we use a clothesline)--so right now we just break even, but will start saving from the second baby on. Given my experiences with these, though, I'd use them even if they wouldn't save us money later--they're that nice.