Saturday, September 13, 2008


That's about all we're getting from Ike so far, a bit of drizzle and some clouds. I know Texas' danger has been all over the news, but that's waaaaaaay down south of us. In terms of distance, we're about as far from the coast as Little Rock or Memphis. So no worries for Dallas.

Daniel's having a good morning. He's helping to write this. Want to say hello, honey?


He pushed a lot more buttons than that, but they were all "enter" and "shift" etc.

David installed our new dishwasher yesterday evening. I'm fixing to run a fourth load from the no-way-to-wash-dishes pile. Almost all of our dishes were dirty, it was a huge mess. I do realize that you can wash dishes in the sink, but I really couldn't the last two days while the old one was unhooked--there was a leak. I did a couple of crucial pots in the bathroom sink and that was quite enough of dorm life for me.

This is all rather stream of consciousness. Anybody want to come over and knit or something?