Monday, March 17, 2008

playing pretend

Daniel's due this week, and so far he's still super comfy in there. I like to think that he's waiting for me to finish a certain project; he doesn't want to come until I've finished ______. The guessing game begins when I try to figure out which project he wants me to finish. I've got the house clean, everything for him is done, but there are still a few things for David and me I'd like to work on. Also, my car needs to be vacuumed so David can put the carseat in.

It makes me feel like I've got some level of control to think, hey, maybe if I get *this* done, Daniel will be born. If you've ever seen "A Very Long Engagement", it's like what the main character does all the time, making bets with herself to try to predict certain outcomes.

So...right now I'm making pajama pants for David, and I can't remember ever making this many dumb mistakes on one garment. He'd better love these things. =) Next comes either a pretty dress for me...or that rocket for Daniel...or perhaps vacuuming the car. Maybe Andrew will vacuum the car for me when he comes. *hopeful*