Monday, March 10, 2008

no pictures today

I thought about taking a shot of our snowstorm on Thursday, but that would have involved getting cold, and I reeeeeally don't like to be cold. So, you'll just have to imagine it. Wednesday = warm and lovely. Thursday = rain, then sleet, then a whole bunch of snow. Friday = warm and lovely and a whole bunch of melting snow. I love Texas weather. It's like, la la la...WINTER STORM!!!!! la la.

Most of the plants survived. I caved and bought a larger tomato plant, even though my little seedlings (which I am babying) are doing super well, because a larger plant means sooner tomatoes. It died in the snow. So did the basil. I do know not to plant summer things when snow is expected, but it'd been so pretty, I really didn't have a reason to check the forecast. Lesson learned.

In the meantime...Daniel's curtains are halfway done, and cute, and I'm going to make him a playmat out of some space minky Mom bought him over Christmas. On this playmat will be a rocket for playtime. =D Except his will be red. The dustruffle for his crib is cut out, mostly, and if the stars align just right I might put another coat of paint on his dresser.

I also cleaned both bathrooms and the litterbox. Can you say...nesting??