Monday, December 3, 2007

pretty tree

We (David, Heather, Ronnie, and I) went to a Christmas tree farm the other day to get a Real Tree (tm). It was the most fun day ever. We got to pet goats that had slanty, rectangular pupils--who knew goats had crazy eyes?? They had a huge bumpy slide and an amazing two-story treehouse, and go carts that Ronnie and David chased each other around in. Oh, and they had trees. We picked out the prettiest one, then picked out a different one that was about $40 less but still pretty, and brought that one home. Turns out the one we could afford was the perfect size for our house.

Later, we decorated the tree; Heather did the lights, David did the ribbon, both of them did the ornaments, and I was management. Which means I found the ornaments and lights and tried not to interfere while they made the tree pretty. Ronnie played Tony Hawk. He likes David's new video game chair.

This would have been a great great photo post if I'd remembered to bring a camera to the farm...but alas. You must be content with a photo of our beautiful tree.