Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Sorry...was trying for a weekly post and, well, pre-Christmas happened. My apologies to all ye adoring fans. =P

I'm in the midst of finishing up homemade presents; this may be the first year that all of my homemade presents get finished before they're wrapped! Woohoo! It's crunch time though, so my days are like this:

-check email
-drink tea
-knit in a different chair
-eat, return to knitting
-start last row before break, then decide to knit a bit longer since the cat just fell asleep in my lap
-fall asleep with cat
-wake up to feed David
-knit on the project that he knows about while we watch Star Trek

Be impressed at my knitting stamina. =) It's fun, but I'm starting to make dumb mistakes, so it's really really good that the projects are almost done. After this I'm going to sew for a few days just to make some different hand movements.

Pregnancy update: my belly is starting to take on a life of its own, and I'm not talking about baby Daniel. My body holds me, Daniel, and the belly he lives in. It's not as cumbersome as it could be at 6 months, but it still feels really big to me. It's blocking the view of my toes. Daniel's moving a lot; David says his son is a tap-dancing, soccer-playing drummer. We've got a video (VHS) of the last two ultrasounds, which we're packing for the Georgia trip, so you who will be around will be able to see his little face (and legbones and umbilical cord, which are much less cute).