Friday, December 7, 2007

yay warmth!

It's sooooooooo pretty today. We've got the windows open and everything smells good. I tried to get David to take a picnic in the park with me but he chose instead to be all responsible and stay at work.

This weather is great for tulip-planting procrastinators like me. Apparently they grow their roots while it's warm, then sit there while it's cold, then grow in the spring when it's warm again. We were supposed to plant in October; I put our tulips and daffodils in about a week and a half ago. Fortunately the ground is still warm, so maybe they'll be ok.

Our garden is doing pretty well. Who knew you could have one in the winter? Well, ok, Texas winter is warmish enough that it's not a big surprise...but we've got lettuce and spinach and bok choy and, I think, tiny carrot sprouts coming up among the Grass Invasion. I haven't pulled up much grass for fear of killing the tiny sprouts.